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Jungian Art Therapy: A Guide to Dreams, Images, and Analytical Psychology

Jungian Art Therapy aims to offer a clear theoretical introduction for art therapists and training candidates on how to begin to navigate Jung’s model of working with the psyche through the use of image and psychic energy. This exciting new text circumambulates Jung’s map of the mind so as to reinforce the theoretical foundations while simultaneously clarifying key concepts so as to orient practitioners, students and teachers alike. The book illustrates the analyst’s unique understanding of emotion and image that originate from the unconscious.

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Art Therapy and Childbearing Issues Birth, Death, and Rebirth

This edited text is the first to initiate a broad conversation on key childbearing issues in the United States through the treatment modality of art therapy. The book is divided into four sections: Pregnancy, Postpartum, Grief and Loss, and Special Topics, and within these sections, the chapters offer diverse and unique perspectives on how art therapy is used with women undergoing various stages of the reproductive process. The authors discuss a range of art therapy topics including the role of transference, attachment, the integration of psyche and soma, trauma and the underlying influence of neuropsychology.

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