Living fully as a human being is an enormous task filled with both joys and challenges. Then there are times when we are confronted with events that bring about a deep sense of suffering. These times should not be pushed aside. Instead, we benefit by creating space for our inner experiences–time and space is rarely possible with friends or family, but can be found in a professional therapeutic relationship that encourages and emphasizes turning inwards and working with unconscious and symbolic material. A therapeutic relationship provides exactly what friends and family cannot, which is an impartial reflection and professional support.

As you see from my web site, my therapeutic approach is dedicated to the images, metaphors, symbolic and depth oriented approaches with a commitment to attend to the unconscious. My work is also characterized by clinical knowledge and experience, training in psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, dream analysis, and art therapy. In specific situations, I also offer short-term psychotherapy and consultations. Our work together will be handled ethically and professionally, but I value curiosity, patience, compassion, intuition, creativity and, most importantly, working in collaboration with you. I work with issues such as anxiety and depression, pregnancy and childbearing issues, recovery from trauma and abuse, creative and spiritual renewal, grief and loss, and mid-life transitions.

I also offer Jungian case consultation for training candidates, art therapy consultation groups, and consultation groups for licensed therapists interested in analytical psychology. I enjoy giving lectures and workshops to the public and to professionals. I’ve worked with people in all professions including artists, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, teachers, managers, lawyers, doctors, parents, students, and psychotherapists.

Overall, my intention is to build a collaborative and trusting therapeutic relationship within which we work to uncover a more fulfilling life, one with balance, meaning, purpose and spontaneity.

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