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Jungian Art Therapy: A Guide to Dreams, Images, and Analytical Psychology

Jungian Art Therapy aims to offer a clear theoretical introduction for art therapists and training candidates on how to begin to navigate Jung’s model of working with the psyche through the use of image and psychic energy. This exciting new text circumambulates Jung’s map of the mind so as to reinforce the theoretical foundations while simultaneously clarifying key concepts so as to orient practitioners, students and teachers alike. The book illustrates the analyst’s unique understanding of emotion and image that originate from the unconscious.

This unique approach to understanding Jungian psychology illustrates how to actively engage and work with the contents from the objective psyche, offering clinical vignettes that deepen our understanding of Jung’s psychology and this particular view of the therapeutic process as it pertains to art therapy. Jungian Art therapy is designed for students, teachers, therapists and anyone interested in deepening and expanding their knowledge of Jungian psychology and their path of individuation through the use of the creative process. Basic theory is explained with final chapters focusing on Jung’s approach to dreams and his method of active imagination.

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An Interview on the Podcast “Speaking of Jung”

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Laura London on her podcast “Speaking of Jung” about my book Jungian Art Therapy published by Routledge 2018. Click here for Episode #37 to listen to our conversation. We discussed many topics including the creative process, pregnancy as a metaphor, and the use of art, dreams and active imagination to faciliate consciousness.

Listen to Episode 37: Nora Swan-Foster on “Speaking of Jung”


“This book actively imagines into the layers of transformation patiently waiting for those longing to awaken the innate forces of creative expression. Readers will feel gratitude for Swan-Foster’s generosity to competently synthesize the alchemical strands of art therapy with Jungian studies.”

— Michael Franklin
PhD, ATR-BC, Naropa University

“Nora Swan-Foster’s new book, Jungian Art Therapy, brings the concepts of Jungian thought combined with the principles of art therapy to the cutting edge. It will be appreciated by students, teachers and clinicians alike who are interested in learning how Jungian theory and art therapy together form a dynamic psychotherapeutic discipline. The book is timely in the field. A must read.”

— Sondra Geller
Jungian Analyst, Art Therapist, Clinician, Lecturer

“Nora Swan-Foster is a Jungian analyst, talented writer and a thoughtful clinician who has produced an excellent book summarizing analytical psychology as it relates to art therapy. This text will be especially helpful to new clinicians and students who will find her easy style and clear descriptions of theory well integrated with engaging case studies. This accessible volume will be essential reading in graduate training programs and analytic institutes. I will recommend it highly to my students.”

— Linda Carter
MSN, CS, Jungian Analyst, Chair Art and Psyche Working Group, Past US Editor for Journal of Analytical Psychology

Jungian Art Therapy carefully lays out Jung’s model of the psyche for the art therapist seeking to enrich their work through an integration of Jungian theory. Jungian analysts and psychotherapists will find a valuable introduction to the integration of expressive art therapy techniques with Jungian psychotherapy. Grounding theory in image, Swan-Foster effectively provides clinical examples throughout to forge a bridge between Analytical Psychology and art therapy. Well-conceived and actualized.”

— Mark Winborn
PhD, Jungian psychoanalyst and author of Deep Blues: Human Soundscapes for the Archetypal Journey and Shared Realities: Participation Mystique and Beyond

“Jungian Art Therapy: A Guide to Dreams, Images, and Analytical Psychology by Nora Swan-Foster is an introductory text for clinicians and all of those interested in Jungian psychology. Although presented as a manual for art therapists, it is both a sophisticated yet easy to understand journey through Jung’s life of the mind and soul. Of import is the clarity with which Swan-Foster differentiates analytical psychology from traditional psychoanalysis through the explication of methods that use image as the medium through which a dialogue between conscious and unconscious comes alive. The volume also provides an important historical note highlighting the lives and contributions of art therapists Margaret Naumburg, Florence Cane, and Irene Champernowne.”

— Jeffrey Moulton Benevedes // Purchase the Full Article

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