I view anyone interested in psychotherapy or psychoanalysis as someone who has unique strengths, needs and skills. I also view the therapeutic process as a co-created endeavor that emerges from the relationship of two separate individuals attending to the inner world of the analysand. My relational style of analysis and psychotherapy allows for the intersubjective material to facility greater authenticity and spontaneity. The healing process emerges through both verbal and nonverbal material within an ethical and confidential framework of psychotherapy.

My clinical approach emphasizes psychological depth work. Analytical psychology, psychoanalysis, dream analysis, and talk therapy, along with the use of the expressive therapies such as art, dreams, journaling and other techniques are used to capture both the verbal and nonverbal content. Thoughts on attachment, trauma, and neuropsychology as well as attending to the mind/body connection, which increases contemplative awareness skills, are all naturally part of how I approach psychotherapy. I may encourage you to engage with some form of meditation or body work so as to listen to how your body speaks to you. We may explore how your creativity expresses itself on a daily basis. I may also direct you to specific tools or references when it is clinically appropriate or when it suits you.

You do not have to be an artist – only the willingness to be open to the possibilities.
Jungian analysis and art psychotherapy require both a certain amount of intensity and regularity with appointments. Sessions may be held from one to two times per week. The increased frequency does not suggest that you have more problems or are “sicker,” but instead the frequency of sessions intensifies the “heat” of the work and may produce greater satisfaction and rewards, much like turning up the heat under a pot of soup so that the flavors can integrate and become cohesive. Finding the right balance is key. Keeping the flame at a steady even heat, that is right for the material you are working with, is essential for change. Analysis and psychotherapy are like anything in life—they require practice, commitment and continuity. The frequency is not predetermined but will be decided upon together.

I specialize in the following areas:

  • Jungian Analysis and Jungian art therapy
  • Individuation and Major Life Transitions
  • Traumatic Memories and PTSD
  • Depression, Panic, and Anxiety
  • Grief and Loss
  • Childbearing Issues
  • Creative and Spiritual Issues
  • Supervision and Consultancy
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