Events & Offerings

I offer presentations, workshops, and consulting for individuals and groups on the work of C.G. Jung and Analytical Psychology.

I believe we learn best about Jungian psychology through lived experiences that awaken our emotional body through creativity and symbolic thinking, and slowing down enough to listen to our imagination and contemplative moments that bring forth our inner wisdom. We each express ourselves in different ways, and this expression naturally mobilizes us into the fullness of our life, towards living from a place of wholeness. The following are examples of past presentations, lectures and workshops.

**Not included in the following is the course that I designed and taught for Naropa University’s Transpersonal department: Jungian Psychology: Foundations and Central Concepts, which was the foundation for Jungian Art Therapy: Dreams, Images, and Analytical Psychology.

Topics that interest me are using a “red book” process or notebooks to explore various topics such as creativity, countertransference, our relationship to nature. I enjoy teaching from the Collected Works, Jungian foundations and structure of the psyche, specific fairytales close to my heart, Psyche and Eros, creativity as an initiation process, dream analysis, various clinical topics including but not limited to issues associated with trauma and dissociation, feminine initiations, Jungian art therapy, and active imagination.

2024 Upcoming Lectures and workshops

Houston Psychoanalytic Society January 11, 2024  The Other Made Visible: Creative Methods, Inner Figures and Agents of Change when Working Through Early Childhood Trauma in Adulthood

Jung Institute of Santa Fe Lecture: Jungian Art Therapy: Living a Creative Life March 15th.

Jung Institute of Santa Fe Workshop: Make your own red book: explorations of a creative life through countertransference March 16th.

2023 Upcoming Lectures and Workshops

C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago December 8th Workshop (in person) “From Jung’s Red Book to Jungian Art Therapy” 

Jung in the World Podcast: An Interview with Patricia Martin.

Thinking about Training in a Changing World  November 17-19th Society of Analytical Psychology

Civilization in Transition “Psyche and Earth: a relationship in crisis November 2-5th, 2023. Santa Fe, New Mexico. Pre-conference workshop. “RE-ENCHANTMENT: EXPLORING OUR RELATIONSHIP TO NATURE THROUGH STORYTELLING AND IMAGE.” (In person)

Society of Analytical Psychology. July 1st, 2023: “Image or Art” (Zoom)

C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco. March 2023 “Discovering Your Own Red Book Process Through Jungian Art Therapy”. In person.

Oregon Friends of Jung. January 20th Lecture: “Jungian Art Therapy: living a creative life”. (Zoom)

Oregon Friends of Jung. January 21st Workshop: “Jungian Art Therapy: experiencing the psyche through image”. (Zoom)

2022 Events

IAJS “Image or Art: Jung art therapy, analysis and the relationship with the unconscious.” October 30th, 2022. (Zoom)

2021 Events

IRSJA Spring Society Meeting: Candidate Seminar Lecture “What the hero left behind: active imagination to cultivate an analytic attitude within a relational attitude”.

IRSJA Spring Society Meeting: Clinical Consultations.

BAJA, Boulder Jung Seminar: May 2021, Final Closing Seminar. “Leaving the Hero Behind: selected images of creative authority and resiliency in the feminine”.

American Art Therapy Association Fall Conference Online. “Trauma, Feminism, and Childbearing: practical applications to contemporary practice”. Panel Presentation.

Co-ATA Fall Lecture: “The Symbol of the Tree: working from a Jungian art therapy perspective”.

2020 Events

The C.G. Jung Society of Sarasota, Florida, February 14-15th, 2020. Lecture: Jungian Art Therapy: the visual inner path towards wholeness. Workshop: An Intimate Encounter with your “spirit of the depths”.

Co-ATA Lecture: Jung’s Red Book: an introduction Fall Zoom Event

Co-ATA New Book Launch: Art Therapy and Childbearing Issues

2019 Events

Expressive Therapies Summit  March 28-31, 2019 in Los Angeles–two workshops using Jungian Art Therapy. “Kissing the Shadow” and “Imagination Boards: Jungian art therapy”

IRSJA Society Spring Meeting, Santa Fe, NM April 2019 “Art as the Third” Lecture

IAAP XXI Congress, Vienna, Austria August 2019 Presented Clinical Paper

2018 Events

Speaking of Jung Episode 37 July 24, 2018

BAJA, Boulder Jung Seminar: The Art of Dream Interpretation, October 11th, 2018

American Art Therapy Association, Miami, Florida: Book Signing Friday November 1st, 2018. Presentation: Jungian Art Therapy.

Memphis/Atlanta Jung Seminar: Active Imagination, November 3rd, 2018, Memphis, TN.

2017 Events

BAJA, Boulder Jung Seminar: The Archetype of Mourning–the ego’s relationship with art and dreams on November 11th, 2017

2016 Events

BAJA, Boulder Jung Seminar: Active Imagination–The history and theory of Jung’s approach to working with complexes and archetypal material, December 10th, 2016

Boulder Jung Seminar: Picture Interpretation with a Jungian Lens,  April 9th, 2016.

2015 Events

Expressive Therapies Summit, New York City, November 5-8th. Sunday, November 8th, 9:30-12:30. Jungian Art Therapy and Fairy Tales: Gathering the Pearls. 

2014 Events

ARTology January 23, 2014 6-7pm Boulder, Colorado. Free Event.

BAJA, Boulder Jung Seminar. May 10, 2014 Seminar Course on Fairy Tales

2013 Events

Boulder Friends of Jung  “What the Hero Left Behind. ” October 18th, 2013. Friday night Lecture 7-9 pm followed by Saturday Workshop:  “The Creativity of Pregnancy–turning Inwards”  9:00 to noon.

Jung Society of Atlanta September 20-21, 2013, Atlanta, Georgia. Saturday Co-Workshop on Tarot and Individuatioin 

BAJA September 14th 9-1pm  Study Group

Sample Lectures and Workshops

  • What the Hero Left Behind
  • Pregnancy as an Initiation
  • Seeds, Wool, and Water: Listening to Psyche on the Pregnant Journey
  • The Shadows of Pregnancy: a prenatal loss group
  • Feminine Initiation, Pregnancy, and Training
  • Image and Archetype: a brief historical overview
  • Pregnancy as a Feminine Initiation: Pregnancy and the Mother Archetype lecture/workshop
  • Compassion Fatigue and Self Care for the Victim Advocate: a creative workshop
  • The Nature Archetype: A Workshop to Examine Our Relationship With The Nature Archetype Through Myth and Shadow
  • Drawing From Our Dreams
  • Boulder Friends of Jung Concept Series:
    • The Image and Dream Interpretation
    • Animals in Fairytales
    • Active Imagination and Neuroscience: creating vision boards
    • The Ego-Self Axis
    • Lady Ragnell–Fair by Day or Fair by Night
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