Nora Swan-Foster


Nora Swan-Foster, MA, ATR-BC, LPC, NCPsyA

Diplomat Jungian Analyst

1137 Pearl Street, Suite 205
Boulder, CO 80302


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My office is conveniently located on the Pearl Street Mall in the block just west of Broadway and east of 11th Street. I am on the same side of the street as the Boulder Bookstore and right next door to Ku Cha Tea House.

Off street parking is located on the north side of my office on Spruce Street in a parking structure on the south side of Spruce or in an outdoor parking lot on the north side. Free parking still exists if you park further away from Pearl Street and walk. During holidays, summer months and lunch time hours, parking can be more difficult to find so leave plenty of time.


When you arrive at 1137 Pearl Street you can come up the stairs and at the top of the stairs you will see the formal waiting area to the right. If you continue down the hall you will come to a small kitchen, two bathrooms and my suite door straight ahead. If my door is closed, please do not come in; I may be with someone or on the phone. Please wait in the room to the right of my door where there is a table with chairs and magazines. If this waiting area is being used you can return to the front of the building and wait in the provided seating area and I will come find you. I look forward to meeting you.      

1137 Pearl Street, Suite 205, Boulder, CO 80302